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Kapuzinerkirche Vienna

The Kapuziner Church is loaded with history and has been the home of the Imperial Crypt for 3 centuries. Capuchin friars guard the final resting place of 12 emperors, dozens of archdukes, and 17 empresses.

You wont find their hearts buried with them as they have been secured in Urns in the urns held at the Loreto Chapel of the Augustinerkirche in the Hofburg complex, and their entrails are similarly enshrined in a crypt below St. Stephan's Cathedral.

Incredibly inside the tomb is the double sarcophagus of Maria Theresa and her consort, Francis Stephen who were the real parents of of Marie Antoinette.

Before her death, the empress often descended into the tomb to visit the grave of her beloved Francis. The son of Napoleon and Marie-Louise of Austria the "King of Rome," was buried here after his death at the age of 21.

Also buried in the crypt with them is Countess Fuchs, the governess who practically raised Maria Theresa. Emperor Franz Joseph was buried here in 1916. He was a frail old man who died just before the final collapse of his empire.

His wife, Empress Elisabeth, was also buried here after her assassination in Geneva in 1898, as was their son, Archduke Rudolf

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