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Jaguar Reef Lodge Belize

Jaguar Reef Lodge creates an environment above and beyond any traveler's expectations. The lodge offers unlimited access to reefs and rainforests suitable for snorkeling, diving, fishing, biking, kayaking, and hiking through these protected landscapes.

The barrier reef near the lodge is recognized as one of the world's best snorkel and dive sites. Exotic tropical rivers and underwater worlds, Mayan ruins and jungle hikes are only minutes away. The rivers and cayes nearby offer some of the best fishing in the world!

The Jaguar Reef Lodge is a friendly, laid-back experience, full of Belizean hospitality! Many visitors to the facility claim that the lodge has a unique ambiance and overwhelmingly comfortable accommodations. Amenities include: tropical-themed cabanas and suites, fun and informative tours, and remarkable attention to guests' needs. The lodge supplies one hotel employee for every guest, creating the pinnacle of customer service.

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