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Jackson Mississippi

Jackson is the capital and the most populated area in the state. The slogan for the city is "Jackson, Mississippi, City with Soul." Jackson is home to the international headquarters of Phi Theta Kappa, which is an honor society for the students enrolled in two-year colleges.


This area was settled in 1792 by French Canadian trader, Loius LeFleur. This was a trading area until the Treaty of Doak's Stand opened the place to non-Native American settlers in 1820. It was made capital in 1821 because of its central location, beautiful surroundings and proximity to the trade route. In 1822 the city was given its name after the seventh President, Andrew Jackson.

Jackson was subject to many battles during the Civil War and was burned and looted under the command of William Tecumseh Sherman. It was said that only the chimneys were left standing, but there are still a few old structures left.

During the 1960's, Jackson was a center for the battle for Civil Rights. In 1965, Milsaps College was the first private college in the south to admit African-American students.


Eudora Welty House Museum?
Mississippi Museum of Art?
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science?
Jackson Zoological Park?



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