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International Spy Museum

From your first steps into the International Spy Museum, in Washington, D.C., you are aware that you are privvy to a "top secret" assignment!! From the bottom floor, an elevator whisks you up to the 1st floor to receive your "secret" identity, which you use throughout your tour.

Here, you can sharpen your "spy skills" as you use computerized video tests to determine your ability to spot people who are in disguise, or find surveillance equipment seemingly "hidden" from general view. Ever crawled through a heating duct to spy on someone? You can actually try this out here.

Hundreds of items used by spies for surveillance are on display, and methods of surveillance are explained. There is also a hall that features the history of spying, and has short films on famous spies.

If you are a James Bond fan, you can see his famous car up close and check out it's numerous "spy" features. Kids will face a tough decision deciding which "spy" gadget from the giftshop they want for a souvenier.

A bit of advice: this museum is EXTREMELY popular, particularly among the kids (and it's also a new museum)--so it's is a good idea to get tickets in advance, or stop by early in the morning, as lines are long!

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