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Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas is known for it's thermal waters, hence the "hot springs" name. There are 47 actual hot springs known today, some of which you are allowed to visit.

Hot Springs has a lot of bathhouses you can visit for a day of relaxation. Most can be found on Bathhouse Row. One of the most famous ones, the Fordyce, currently operates as a famous museum where you can learn about the colorful history of this old town.

There are many, many things that a person can do in Hot Springs to occupy their time. Activities range from nature walks to theme parks (Magic Springs) or to trying your luck at the Oaklawn Park (horse racing arena).

Hot Springs is also home to different types of quartz crystals. There are many rock shops and souvenir shops in which to peruse all the rocks found in Arkansas and the surrounding areas. Many shops also have their own crystal mines, where you can pay a small fee to dig for your own. Most of them also supply the equipment needed for digging.

A wax museum is located in Hot Springs, as well as an aquarium, where you can see different species of aquatic animals, including a giant snapping turtle.

There are many lakes in Hot Springs for the fishermen to try. More attractions include a Native American spirit center, a thermal water healing destination, romantic spa and gambling resorts, famed bath houses, lots of historic hotels, and restored architectural treasures and landmarks.

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