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Hawaii Travel Guide

Situated just 2,500 miles from the continental United States lies a collection of islands that's sure to take your breathe away. Made up of dormant volcanic masses, the islands of Hawaii offer something for everyone, whether it be rigorous activities like mountain climbing, or relaxing ones such as shopping; a thousand activities await your arrival.

Formerly a major center for whaling, pineapple, and sugar industries, Hawaii's economy has come to rely more strongly on its position as one of the world's major vacation destinations. Its major islands include the "big island" of Hawaii, the "valley isle" known as Maui, the "garden isle" of Kauai, the least developed Molokai, the highly developed "gathering isle," Oahu and the former home of the Dole pineapple company, Lanai.

Although there are no "seasons" on the islands in the same sense as the rest of the U.S., the climate does go through annual cycles based on rainfall. The "wet" season in Hawaii (cooler temperatures and more rainfall) runs roughly from October to March, and the "dry" season (warmer temperatures and less rainfall) from April to September. There is therefore a higher probability of rain if you visit during the peak of tourist season, in late December or January. (courtesy:

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National Parks of Hawaii

Haleakala National Park
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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