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Guinness Storehouse Dublin

The Guinness Storehouse is a playland for the Guinness enthusiast. Based in the brewery started by Arthur Guinness in 1759, the storehouse was originally built in 1904 to house the fermentation process. Now, it is home to seven floors dedicated to the history and adoration of this dark beer.

A veritable museum of beer, one walks through rooms of exhibits featuring the brewing process and everything to do with Guiness. There is even a waterfall on the first floor to demonstrate another ingredient added to the beer. The storehouse doesn't shy away from the adulation of its product. One wall has a quote in reference to Arthur Guiness burning the hops that resulted in the creation of Guiness. It states, "Centuries ago, many people were convinced that, somehow, lead could be transformed into gold. In a way Arthur Guiness is such a man. But where others failed, he succeeded."

Guiness memorabilia lines another floor of the storehouse. Branching from the many faces of the cartoon animals that have been used in Guiness advertisements to old black and white commercials.

The last floor houses the Gravity Bar where you get a free pint of Guiness while you enjoy the view of Dublin from the glass windows lining the walls. Relax with other visitors of the city and enjoy one of Ireland's must beloved exports.

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