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Known widely for its hearty cuisine, exquisite beer, and welcoming people, Germany is a perfect vacation destination. The most famous festival in Germany is Oktoberfest, held in September, during the last week of the month. There is also Fastnacht, which is a carnival held in Cologne and throughout the southern, more Catholic areas of Germany. Many feasts and festivals are held throughout the year.

Major cities include:

Eastern Germany

Western Germany

Northern Germany

Southern Germany



Climate: Cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers

Capital: Berlin

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: DST +0200 UTC

Power: 230 V, 50 Hz

Language: German and English

Remember, everything in Europe is very close, so if you are going to visit Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands all are right around the corner.

Make sure you try Dunkel and Schwarzhier beer, while you are there, you can't get it anywhere else!!



Other Castles in the area to visit are

Vogelsberg Region



Hotel Mondial - This lovely 4 Star Hotel can be found in the heart of Berlin, it offers an in house restaurant and is only a short stroll to shopping and theaters.

Hotel Munich Inn - This 3 Star Hotel can be found in the heart of Munich, only a short walk to shopping and dining

Hotel Excelsior - This 3 star Hotel is located close to public transport which will make it easy to get around, they are withing walking distance to shops and dining and room service is available


I had the privilege of living in Germany for a year as a teenager. I lived in Augsburg, 40 miles north-west of Munich in Bavaria.
I visited a number of castles and churches all over the country. I was amazed at the beauty held inside each church as my breath was taken away upon entering.
Germany isn't only about beer, but if you want some...this is the place! While you are visiting, might I suggest trying a different beer each time so you can get a good picture of the tastes? Enjoy a brat with your beer as you learn the songs that everyone will chant as time goes on.
Visiting Germany was like walking into a fairy tale book. Castles high up on mountains, the rich forests, walled cities, and the fabled rivers make this country a must see!

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