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General Motors The Drive

Ever wondered what it's like to wheel a HUMMER on an all-terrain course, or take a high end sports car through its paces as is done on fancy car commercials? These dreams are fulfilled at General Motors "The Drive" experience in Las Vegas. There, visitors may test drive some of the most popular Cadillacs, Corvettes, Pontiacs, and yes, the HUMMER H2 in maneuvers your state trooper would surely frown upon. For a mere $10, you can test your own mettle with the pedal.

Twists, turns, sudden stops and starts are the order of the day at this unique facility. Shift into an unexplored part of your persona, totally legal (as are the best things in Vegas), on this paved and off-road course. And there's no need to drive to The Drive- the Las Vegas Monorail, which serves major hotels along the Strip, stops at this attraction.

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