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Fremantle Australia


Fremantle (pronounced Free-mantle - or freo to locals) is a port city in Perth, Western Australia. Fremantle was the host city for the America's Cup yachting race in 1987. It is a wonderful place to either sit and have coffee on the cafe strip, go to the wharf and get fish and chips, or simply wander around the shops.

It is a diverse place with different walks of life enjoying this unique city. The Fremantle Markets are a tourist attraction, located in the center of Fremantle on its "Cappuccino Strip" (so named because of the abundance of restaurants and cafes). There is a great food court across the path from the markets called Old Shanghai - the best place in town for sushi.



If you like historical places, the Fremantle Prison was used as a prison until 1991, but is now a tourist attraction where you can take day and night tours of the complex. There is also the Roundhouse,which is the oldest building in Fremantle, and was originally used to house convicts until it got too small and they had to build the prison. The Maritime Museum had a new home not too long ago to house it, and is worth a visit when in Freo.

These are just a few historic attractions but there are more in Fremantle. If you are in Perth I do suggest a wander down to Fremantle. There is a train from the city that takes you straight to Fremantle. Don't forget your camera.




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