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Frankfort Kentucky

Located in Franklin county, Frankfort is home to Kentucky State University, which is a historically black university.


The area of downtown Frankfort was purchased in 1786 by General James Wilkinson. The capital got its name when, in 1780, a group of Indians attacked some pioneers at a ford in the Kentucky River. One of them named Stephen Frank was killed and the area was then referred to as Frank's Ford. It was shorted to Frankfort. This was chosen as the capital in 1792 after Kentucky was granted statehood. In 1798 the Governor's Mansion was built and is oldest official executive residence still in use in the United States. During the Civil War, a fort was built on what is now called Fort Hill and was occupied by the Confederate Army for a short time.


Kentucky Military History Museum
Buffalo Trace Distillery
Old Governor's Mansion
Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary



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