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France has long been one of the cultural centers of Europe, if not the world. Even the Russian Czars and nobility spoke French and adhered to French fashions, studied French philosophy, and brought French art of all kinds to Russia. This did not endear them to the Russian people.

France is an incredible country with wonderful long rivers lined with chateaus such as the Loire Valley.

Being one of the most important wine making countries in the world, you can tour amazing vineyards that produce the that wonderful French champagne, or visit other vineyards that specialize in making red or white wine in different parts of the country.

Take a journey through mountain playgrounds in the French Alps and enjoy a holiday skiing, or, drive to the beautiful French beaches along the Côte d'Azur. Keep an eye out, as these beaches are very popular with the rich and famous--you could possibly find yourself picking out the celebrities.

Each region in France has its own peculiarities and beautiful sights. One of them is the Provence region of which the French Riviera can be called a part.

France is full of history and beauty, wonderfully simple villages and busy cities. It even has a canyon in Provence which is called the Grand Canyon in Arizona.I have seen both and thought the Gorges du Verdon paled in comparison to the magnificence of the Grand Canyon in color, width and depth, but, they have a definite, quiet charm of their own.







France has a very varied history. Like most countries in Europe, it was dominated by various tribes at different times in its history. Each one wanted to rule Gaul.

When the Roman general Julius Caesar conquered it in 52 B.C., it was called Gaul. The Romans named the settlement they found on the shores of the Seine River Lutetia. We know it better as Paris, the capital of France, a city that has long been synonymous with culture, elegance and civilization.


Climate: Cool winters and mild summers

Languages: French

Time Zone: DST +0200 UTC

Capital: Paris

Currency: Euro - Currently 1 EUR € = 1.2139 USD

Power: 230 V, 50 Hz


In 2005, 26 million tourists visited Paris. A record number that confirms the French capital as a leading destination for lovers of culture, history, romanticism and mystery.

Eiffel Tower

A major tourist attraction, the Eiffel Tower, is 324m high. This incredible structure can vary by as much as 15cm, however, as the tower's 10,000 tonnes of iron, held together by 2.5 million rivets, expands in warm weather and contract when it's cold.


This wonderful island has its own unique culture, music and language. The island has a simple character that is entirely its own. This beautiful, wild playground is the ultimate combination destination - physical exertion in the elements by day, French wine and cuisine by evening.


Incredibly, a few of these extraordinary monuments date as far back as the early Neolithic era; others date from as recently as Roman times.


There's certainly no shortage of restaurants in France. Whether it be in Paris or one of the many quaint little towns that populate the countryside, your taste buds are sure to be dazzled by the world renowned French cuisine.


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