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Florence Italy


Florence is one of the largest cities in Italy, located in the Tuscany region. Best known for being the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is full of beautiful architecture and art. A city of history, it is filled with ancient churches and temples, along with the awe-inspiring Statue of David. A beautiful community where the local people make you feel very welcome. Florence makes for an exciting getaway where you can see and touch the past. Florence | Florence'''


Florence dates back to Roman time and still bears parts of this history. As one of Caesar's colonies it was built between the meeting of the Arno and the Mugnone streams for protection. Florence flourished during the ninth and tenth centuries as the city began to gain more power. This city has been ravished by plague, political unrest and war. Florence is still an important center for art throughout the world.


There is a large university presence in Florence. Many students from all over the world live there every semester to study. Due to this, a lot of people who work at restaurants and shops speak English.

The train station has two parts in Florence. If you can't find where your train should be leaving from you must go to the other section that is located through a covered pathway.


Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

Church of Annunziata

Church of Santa Felicita

Galleria del Accademia

Palazzo Museum

Uffizi Gallery

Ponte Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio

Piazza de Michelangelo



Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci - This is a 3 Star Hotel found on the borders of Florence. The hotel is built into a palace and has an in house bar

Hotel Kraft - Found in a quieter area of Florence this wonderful 4 Star hotel boasts a Restaraunt, bar and swimming pool

Hotel Arizona S.A.S - This 3 Star beautiful 19th Century Hotel has been completley renovated and is set in the heart of town and a short walk to dining, shopping and attractions

Hotel Davanzati - As a 3 star hotel, they do more than necessary to make your stay in Florence exceptional. Run by a father and son, Hotel Davanzati offers a personalized experience. Either the son or father is always at the front desk, and more than willing to make reservations at restaurants, get tickets for museums, or organize cab rides for their guests. Another thing making the hotel unique is a happy hour between 6-7 p.m., offering free wine and champagne along with snacks such as bruschetta for hotel guests.

Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci - This is a 3 Star Hotel found on the borders of Florence. The hotel is built into a palace and has an in house bar


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