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Although the Fijian scenery is beyond breathtaking, it is the Fijian people themselves who make the country truly memorable. Fiji is incredibly diverse in culture with an English-speaking population being a vibrant blend of Melanesians, Polynesians, Indians, Chinese, and Europeans. The native culture centers around traditional village life, unspoiled by modern-day influences and industries. Fijians have been voted the friendliest people on earth five years in a row by the reputable travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler.

The island nation of Fiji is located in the South Pacific. With a population of less than one million people, it is comprised of two large islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, as well over 200 smaller, less inhabited islands. The capital city is Suva and it operates under the Fijian Dollar.



Capital: Suva

Climate: Wonderful weather all year round. Warm sunny days and wonderfully cool evenings await you.

Time Zone: UTC + 12

Languages: Hindi, English and Fijian

Before you arrive in Fiji, there are a couple of terms to know to make getting around more pleasant and respectful of locals. "Ni Sa Bula", means "hello, how are you?" "Bula" is "hello". Make sure to greet everyone with this. "Vinaka vakaelevu" means "thank you very much", or just say "vinaka" for "thanks". The term "bure", pronounced "booray", is the name of the huts you will most likely live in while traveling from island to island. Also, "chillow" means "excuse me" when you pass someone seated. "Ni sa Moce" (pronounced "mothe") is a respectful way to say "see you again". As long as you are friendly, smile and attempt to speak the local language, you will have no problem on these islands. The people are more than helpful and are excited to share their culture.

Power: 240 V, 50 Hz

Currency: Fijian Dollar


Jungle Walks & Rainforest Strolls

The most amazing thing about the rainforests in Fiji is the fact that there is nothing in there that can hurt you (insects and animals that is). Therefore this means you can enjoy a hike through the forest without fear and enjoy the hunt for Fijis tiny parrots and marvel at the colorful birds flying swiftly from tree to tree. Don't forget to take your swimsuit because you will come across some wonderful streams and waterfalls, often with a cool pond in a rocky basin beneath the falls. Paradise indeed.

Take an Island Cruise

Day or half day cruises available from Nadi area to Mana, Plantation, Beachcomber, Castaway Island or a combination of these islands.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

You have to visit Fiji's largest Hindu Temple, located in Nadi and experience the cultural and architectural diversity for which Fiji is well known.

Naihehe Sacred Cave Tour

Explore these wonderful, sacred caves deep in Sigatoka Valley where you will also be met by locals and encouraged to enjoy the traditional welcome ceremony, entertainment and Fijian luncheon.

Game Fishing

Game Fishing in Fiji is awesome all year round. All methods of game fishing are available in Fiji.


Fiji is home to many world class dive sites. The only word that comes to mid when thinking about what lies under the surface here is "WOW". Cocos, hammerheads, shipwrecks, rays, eels and a wonderful assortment of brightly colored tropical fish and, of course, dolphins await you. With its 200 plus islands surrounded by reefs and underwater terrain, Fiji offers an incredible amount of diverse diving - from the sharks, rays and one thousand species of fish to the soft corals, sea stars and myriad shrimp, your own personal Seaworld is right at your fingertips! Diving among these islands is a unique experience, but be careful what company you have take you out. While traveling through these islands, go to dive shops to book your trip and get gear that's PADI certified. They are the most reasonably priced and provide the most qualified guides and instructors. Locals make a living on this industry so be careful they do not take you out when there is weather, poor visibility or any other natural circumstances that may make the diving experience less enjoyable. If you refuse a dive or think it is too much money, make sure to barter with the instructor who took you. They are extremely kind and it's a painless process. Only do this if you feel the dive wasn't up to par, which is a rarity in this beautiful region.

If you are above an advanced certified diver, definitely do up Taveuni. Directly off this island is a reef known as Rainbow Reef. It's one of the most lively sites in the world full of colorful, intriguing creatures. If larger fish, such as sharks, are your cup of tea, head to the island of Mana. Here, visitors have the opportunity to venture offshore to a reef known as Supermarket. Here, they are allowed to dive amongst hundreds of sharks and feed them. It is a site to see!




Kava is a traditional narcotic (relaxing) drink of the Fijian people. It is the way each village welcomes visitors as friends to their community. It is a very sweet and endearing show of kindness. It does taste and look like dirty water, but it is considered rude to refuse a drink. Brace yourself, though, because you will have to drink this in traditional form at each island you visit.



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