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Eagle River Alaska

Eagle River is located about 13 miles northeast of Anchorage. Eagle River sits along the Chugach Mountains?. It has a population of about 18,000, with new growth every year.

Eagle River is known for its surrounding views and untouched nature. One of the things that draws visitors to this area is the large number of bald eagles. During the winter, often you will see a group of bald eagles nesting among the snowy trees in the downtown area. While they keep a close eye on you, you have the chance to take candid shots of these unique creatures.

As you enjoy the scenic views of winter, take part in some outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking or snowboarding. Since Eagle River is within a chain of mountains, there are many trails that allow you to explore the depths of Eagle River.

During the summer, Eagle River thaws out into a beautiful scenic view of mountains and wildlife. While exploring the local parks, you may get the opportunity to spot a moose, bear or other type of wildlife. However, you do not have to go to a park to see these animals. It has been known for the local wildlife to take "a stroll" downtown!

If you are not a fan of the "great outdoors," Eagle River also provides a variety of activities during the winter and summer months, such as festivals, indoor swimming, a theater complex, bowling or taking a stroll through the local shopping areas.

Eagle River is one of most expressive mountainview towns you will ever run across.

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