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Dublin Ireland


The center of the Celtic Tiger is located in Dublin, the cultural, educational, and governmental capital, and largest city in the Republic of Ireland. The city is located near the midpoint of Ireland's east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey and at the center of the Dublin Region.

Dublin is considered the most friendly city in Europe and one of the best places to live. For the tourist visiting it offers more than Ireland's main airport, boasting both historical and contemporary delights for all age groups.


During the 9th century Vikings that controlled the island lived in the area of nowday Dublin in a city they called Dyflin. Dublin became the seat of English power on the island after the Normans took control of the region during the 12th century. Dublin in the area known as the Pale was settled by many English and Welsh settlers who were constantly attacked by the Irish clans outside of the city. This continued as mistreatment of the Irish by the English became worse throughout the next several centuries, especially after the Protestant Reformation in England. From 1916-1923 Dublin was the center of much fighting and antagonism that destroyed many of the cities historical buildings but ended with Irish independence. Ireland went through some trying economic times after its independence, but emerged as an important technology center during the Celtic Boom of the 1990's.


Dublin's downtown is not made for driving, but it's easy to walk around. Bus routes are confusing, so be sure to get a map if you want to use them.


Trinity College
Dublin Castle
National Museum of Ireland?
Kilmainham Gaol
Guinness Storehouse
Writer's Museum
James Joyce Museum
Abbey Theatre
Musical Pub Crawl
Literary Pub Crawl
Dublin Zoo
Temple Bar

The Temple Bar

C G Hotel

 - This 4 Star hotel is close to Dublin airport and only a short bus ride into the city center. There is an on site bar and restaurant.

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