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Crystal Lake Illinois

Crystal Lake was a rural farmtown until about three decades ago, until the real estate value of the lake property and the town's vicinity to Chicago shot it into a highly developed suburb.

The now 38,000 population area is a local attraction in the summer, as it hosts the World Little League Championship? in the baseball diamond of Canterbury Elementary School and the National Cardboard Cup Reggatta? at the lake after which the town is named. During the general time of these festivities, the annual "Taste of Crystal Lake?" festival is held. This festival offers rides, games and foods from a variety of Crystal Lake cuisine. The celebration takes place directly across the street from the lake, right next to the Dole Mansion, which is a historical monument from the 19th century, where one of the wealthiest families in Crystal Lake resided.

While the continually commercialized suburb is thought of by some as the perfect family town, for others, it is an attractive and pleasant area where there are many things to do.

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