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Corning, New York Travel Guide

Simultaneously considered part of the Finger Lakes Region and the Southern Tier, Corning and Elmira are situated in the western panhandle of upstate New York, just north of the Pennsylvania border, within Steuben and Chemung counties, respectively. Both cities are easily accessed from Route 17 (in some sections labeled I-86 or Future I-86), which runs east-to-west across the Southern Tier. Although these towns are relatively small compared to some of the state’s more well-known cities, they contain many important cultural and historical attractions.

This pages focuses on Corning. For information on Elmira, please click.

Corning Museum of Glass – Corning Glass Works, (Corning Incorporated) was established in 1851 and quickly began to establish itself as a community building, history making force. You can’t mention Corning without mentioning its famous glass. Corning Glass Works, which became Corning Incorporated in 1989, is known for the invention of Corelle, Pyrex, and Pyroceram, for supplying the glass for the Hubble Telescope, and developing a method for the inexpensive and mass production of light bulbs. The Corning Museum of Glass commemorates not only the local connection with glass, but glass in a global context. The museum offers a wide breadth of exhibits, from natural history, to culture, to science, to traditional and contemporary glass art. There is also an interactive glass discovery center, a stunning gift shop, glass blowing shows, the opportunity to blow your own original glass piece, and more. You will not believe that glass is such an extensive subject! Best yet, unlike other museums, the Corning Museum of Glass allows photography, provided your camera’s flash is turned off. Enjoy the artwork for years to come while you make memories!

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