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Cayman Islands


Pristine Beaches, Rum Punch, Scuba Diving, Friendly People

Love pristine white beaches and rum punch? The Cayman Islands are the jewel of the Caribbean. Consisting of 3 Islands, Grand Cayman is the largest and most populated. Some of the best scuba diving in the world is at your fingertips. People from all over the world flock to the Caymans for the underwater beauty of the fish and coral formations. Visibility of the water is 200'.

One of the best things about Cayman is that the native language is English (although with a Scottish lilt and a slight accent), the water is desalinated (salt removed from sea water) from their own plant and is fabulous. You won't get sick from eating or drinking here. The people are friendly and actually happy that you are visiting their home.

Cayman is easy to get to through both Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, or Miami with direct flights. If you fly Cayman Airlines (the government owned airline), complimentary rum punch is on your tray table during the flight is an added bonus. Cayman is served by several airlines other than Cayman Airlines, and quite often you can find a real deal on airfare. Hotels, condominiums, golf courses and restaurants be sure you include Cayman in your vacation plans. You'll be glad you did, but be might just fall in love with the sleepy little islands in the Caribbean.



Climate: Beautiful, hot summer days and cool evenings, though it does have a tendency to rain a bit being a tropical country.

Languages: English

Currency: Two Currencies run here, both the Cayman Dollar and the US Dollar.

Power: 120 V 60 Hz


If you are a little adventurous, you can visit Stingray City where the stingrays flock to be fed, or try a deep sea fishing expedition.

If not so adventurous--try the butterfly or turtle farms. Shopping duty-free downtown is an adventure on it's own. You surely will enjoy some of the local cuisine, like land crab, curry goat, plentiful lobster, and oxtail. Be brave and try it, you might be surprised at what you like.

Every year in October, there is a huge celebration called Pirates Week. In the beginning, this was conceived to draw tourists to the islands during a rather slow period each year. It worked. It is a 10 day party all over the island with all kinds of things to do. Very similar in spirit to Mardi Gras, but with a Caribbean flavor. Lots of parades, street dances, bands from all over the Caribbean, cooking, marathons, and various contests make this week one of the best tourist weeks of the year.




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