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Cawker City Kansas

In charming town of Cawker City is located in Mitchell County and is home to just over 500 people (as of the 2000 Census). Nature lovers will enjoy a visit to the 2nd largest lake in Kansas (Waconda Lake?. Here they can swim, fish, or just enjoy the great outdoors.

Another must-see while in Cawker City, is the World's Largest Ball of Twine. Started in 1953 the ball of twine has come to weigh nearly 9 tons and, if unraveled, the twine would span over 1,400 miles (almost 8 million feet). Every August the city hosts a "twine-a-thon" and community members and tourists alike are invited to contribute to this piece of American pop culture.

Those who take an interest in early American cinema will be delighted to know that that this small town is the birthplace of the notable silent film actress Claire Windsor. She appeared in over 40 films during her career, and was awarded with a star on the walk of fame after her death in 1972.

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