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Cape Town South Africa


Cape Town is a beautiful city surrounded in mountains. It is a popular tourist destination full of things to see and do. Not only is the landscape considered to be of the most beautiful in the world but it also have unique Cape Dutch Architecture, a mix of French, Dutch, and German architecture. Go to Cape Town and enjoy a hike on one of the 70 mountains or relax on one of many beaches.



As beautiful as Cape Town is, South Africa is still generally considered a third world country and should be toured with common sense. While crime is very prevalent, if you keep your wits about you and go with your gut when something seems amiss, you'll have no problems whatsoever exploring this beautiful city. Public transportation is widespread but the notorious buses should be avoided by women traveling alone. The potential for unwanted advances and possible sexual harassment run rampant so it's best not to tempt fate. Take a mini cab instead. They might be overcrowded, but it'll save you any unnecessary headaches.


Table Mountain

Table Mountain remains the high spot for tourists visiting Cape Town. Overlooking the entire city, Table Mountain is true to its name. More like a plateau than a mountain, this natural beauty boasts panoramic views of not only Cape Town but the mountainous region that surrounds it. Only a short ride by cable car, hours upon end can be spent walking the mountain and taking in the gorgeous scenery. Oh, and if you get hungry or thirsty, no worries. There's a self service cafeteria with a wide array of food and beverages.

Robben Island

The "Alcatraz" of sorts for South Africa. Long used as a point of isolation for criminals, this is the very place where Nelson Mandela spent twenty seven years of his life incarcerated for his fight against apartheid. Starting in the mid 1800's and lasting for about a hundred years, Robben Island was a leper colony but when World War II broke out, the island was used for defenses and became heavily fortified with weapons. In 1959 it became a maximum security prison until its demise in 1996. Since 1997 it has been a museum that thousands of tourists make their way through on a yearly basis.

Cape of Good Hope

Boulders Beach


Africa Cafe

One of, if not THE coolest and most eclectic places to grab a bite to eat in Cape Town is the Africa Cafe. Not really having a menu, this restaurant features a family style meal that's standard to every patron who enters. The moment you sit down, a bowl of warm water is given for the members of your party to wash their hands before the meal is served. Why? Because many of the dishes require you to use your hands, not utensils. Plus it's part of the African tradition before any meal. Once clean, several bowls of varying dishes from all over Africa are served. Ethiopian, Tunisian, Tanzanian and Egyptian are just a few of the many cuisines to be sampled at this phenomenal restaurant. Reservations are definitely in order if you want a night out at the Africa Cafe.


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