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Canton Ohio

Founded in 1815, and earning city status in 1834, Canton is the county seat of Stark County. Interestingly, is also the largest city in Ohio to operate without a charter. Canton is governed instead through a Mayor-Council system.

This thriving city offers some famous attractions that are certain to entice any visitor. A definite must-see for sports lovers of all ages is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Furthermore, every summer the city holds the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival where new inductees are publicly honored. Offering more than just sports, however, this festival has something for the whole family including hot air balloons, a fashion show, parades, and excellent food.

This beautiful city is also the location of the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum as well as the site of the McKinley National Memorial. Erected in honor of America’s 25th President, the museum features a 50,000 piece collection represnting hundreds of years of Ohio history. It also houses Discover World, a science center where people of all ages can learn about geology, ecology, paleontology, archaeology, and electricity, as well as view reconstructed dinosaur skeletons and live-animal exhibits. After viewing these many Earth science exhibits, visitors can explore space in the beautiful Hoover Price Planetarium.

Fans of city trivia will also be fascinated to learn that Canton is the birthplace of both Mother Angelica of the Eternal Word Television Network and controversial musician Marilyn Manson. These, however, are not the only celebrities that can call Canton home. Musicians Boz Scaggs, Macy Gray, and Reliant K. spent their formative years in Canton, Ohio. Furthermore, such notable athletes as Dan Dierdorf, Alan Page and Phil Hubbard have come from this eclectic city.

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