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Canal Street New York City

Canal Street is the place for some cheap shopping in the Big Apple! If you are looking for a cheap designer bag, an antique movie poster, or some hip accessories, bargain your way down Canal Street.

This street is located in Chinatown, and it is one of the busiest in New York. Street vendors sit outside on the sidewalk in front of their wares, while tourists come and go.

Items range from jewelry to purses to perfume. Shop for as long as you want, and then take a breather by checking out any one of Chinatown's delicious restaurants for some dim sum around lunch time.

Beware! Many of the purses being sold by vendors will be name brands for a cheaper price. Think hard before you agree to a purchase, and always be prepared to bargain for the best price you can get.

Some of these brand name purses will be fakes, so be careful. If you are looking for the best-looking imitations of Gucci and Prada out there, however, be sure to check out Canal Street!

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