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Cali Colombia


Cali is Colombia's third largest city and has a population of 2.7 million. Like Barranquilla, this city is best known for the warmth and quality of its people and its laid-back atmosphere, than its tourist attractions.Santiago de Cali is Colombia's Salsa Capital.


Cali was founded on July 25, 1536 by Spanish conqueror Sebastian de Belalcazar


City's location's on valley and it's surrounded by mountains and the Cauca river to the east. Cali's climate is semi tropical which means it's humid and can get hot, but in the afternoon fresh breeze comes along.


If Shopping Malls are your thing, go to "Unicentro", "Palmetto Plaza", "Jardin Plaza" or "Cosmocentro". If you are more into historical tourism, visit "Ermita Church", "Cristo Rey" (city's best view) or simply go to Sebastian de Belalcazar's monument, one of the most visited monuments.


Cali's food is well known for its variety. Don't leave the town without tasting delicious treats such as a warm "pandebono" (a type of traditional bisquit)or an "arepa de choclo". Restaurants like "Porky's", "Los Arrieros del Sur" or any "Cenadero" around the city, offer a wide set of options when it comes to traditional food.


This city is famous for being one of the best places to party in Colombia. The joy of its people and the variety of its nightlife, makes it a great option if you wanna know the essence of colombian's way of celebrating. Calenos (that's how Cali's natives are called) are famous for their passion for Salsa and their way of dancing this rythm. Places to go: "Lolas Club", "Babel", "Iguana Roja", "Chango", "Praga" or "Kukaramakara" among many others.


Hotels such as "Hotel Radisson", "Hotel San Fernando Real", "Hotel Sofitel Casa del Alferez" are among your possibilities. Staying at hotels is teh best choice when it's the first time you visit a latin american city. It's safer and easier.


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