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Caesar S Palace

Caesars Palace is probably one of the most famous casinos/hotels on the strip. It is where both Celine Dion and Elton John frequently perform. In fact, there are two little stores within the casino that sell souvenirs for both stars.

The Palace attracts many famous people and visitors. "The Forum Shops," designed with a greek mythology theme, are connected to Caesars Palace and have a variety of shops and resturants. The ceiling has 3-D effect to it and looks like the sky. Beautiful Greek Statues and water fountains give it a more artistic look. "The Fall of Atlantis" is a show in which animated statues tell the story of why Atlantis fell into the ocean, and features special effects. Caesars Palace is just not a place to gamble; it has beautiful architecture as well, featuring gorgeous statues from greek mythology. Ceasars Palace is a must-see place to visit while on the strip.

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