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Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the home to England's Royal Family when they are staying in London. If you go during the summer months you may be able to sign up to tour the inside of the Palace if the slots are not empty. Try to plan ahead because the gold leafed, silk covered and jewel adorned interior is a magnificent sight to see.

Before you enter, take a moment to observe the golden Victoria Memorial in front of the Palace. The statue depicts Queen Victoria with the Angel of Justice, the Angel of Truth, and Charity.

Many times there are special exhibitions in the palace, such as the summer 2007 exhibition of the Queen's wedding gifts (displayed to commemorate the Queen's 60th wedding anniversary), or the 2008 display of the Palace Ballroom set up for State Banquet.

After exiting the Palace you will be able to stroll through part of Buckingham Palace Garden, which leads you to a street exit.

If you can't tour the inside, be sure to visit the Queen’s Gallery, which showcases the family gems, the most valuable in the world!

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