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Brick Lane

Brick Lane is located in London's East End. It has been characterized by the waves of immigrants that have come to the area: first the Hugenots, then the Irish, then the Jews, and most recently, the Bangladeshis.

Traces of Jews are still present in the few bagel shops (spelled "beigel") on Brick Lane. You will see Hasidic Jews, clearly identifiable in their payot (long sideburns) and conservative clothing, who still travel to Brick Lane to get the best bagels in London. The oldest and most notable of these shops is Brick Lane Beigel Bake.

With the newer Bangladeshi population that has settled near Brick Lane, the street has become a destination of delicious Bangladeshi food and curry houses.

Walking along Brick Lane, you will notice the Old Truman Brewery. Although the Truman Brewery was a functioning brewery at one time, it now houses more than 200 businesses and stores.

Another population making its presence known on Brick Lane is the "hipsters." Witness the unique hipster counterculture evidenced in clothing, music and language by taking a look at the hipster shops or just sitting down and doing some people watching.

Strolling down Brick Lane, you will notice a lot of graffiti. The area has become well-known for the work of famous local graffiti artists; particularly the work of Banksy, whose bold statements in his work have brought his graffiti to fame, although his identity is unknown.

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