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Boston Massachussetts


Founded in 1630 Boston is one of America's oldest cities making it chalked full of Yankee history, unique culture, and heaps of everything classical and contemporary Americana. Boston, Massachussetts is located on America's east coast, near the Atlantic Ocean, in a region known as New England. Because of its location Boston was America's most important international port early on, making Boston America's original biggest, wealthiest, and most influential city. Also, the home of Harvard University among other higher education institutions, Boston is an intellectual as well as young city.


Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists. Puritan culture greatly influenced the early city leading it to found the first American public school and the first American college (Harvard University?) in the 1600's. This early influence lead the Boston area into becoming one of the leading teaching and researching areas in the world. Because of its constant influence of higher education Boston was also the starting place of the abolitionist movement.

Bostonians were also some of the more influential instigators of the American Revolution. Boston was home of such key moments in the war as The Boston Massacre and The Boston Tea Party. In the 1820's the landscape of Boston greatly changed with the large immigration of the Irish and Italians, giving the city a large Roman Catholic influence.


Partially due to its age, Boston is one of the few American cities that does not use the lovely logical grid system in its downtown areas. This makes Bostons central areas a bit of a headache to navigate with a car. Boston, however, had the first subway system in the United States, and a significant portion of its population uses public transportation.


Boston Historical National Park

Freedom Trail

Boston Harbor

Boston Common

Black Heritage Trail

Fenway Park



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