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Blytheville Arkansas

Blytheville is located in the Delta Region. Visit the Ritz Civic Center, which is a restored opera house on Main Street that stages live shows throughout the year or Blytheville's Heritage Museum, which explores the past with exhibits and photos.

That Book Store in Blytheville?, which is a famous independent bookstore and a favorite stop of Arkansas native and award-winning novelist, John Grisham, is located in the downtown area.

Other attractions include the Cupboard Fine Arts, which has accent furniture and accessories, with Arkansas souvenirs. If you and your mate are looking for a place to tie the knot, the Presley Wedding Chapel? is a full-service wedding chapel, owned and operated by Elvis Presley's cousin. Or, if you start to get hungry, you might consider eating at one of the local restaurants such as Dixie Pig or Big Daddy Bar and Grill.

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