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Blue Hole Belize

The Blue Hole is a perfectly circular limestone sinkhole around 300 ft. across and over 400 ft. deep. This underwater mountain is located nearly 60 miles off the coast of Belize. Reefs surround the hole, except for two narrow channels passing through. The hole itself leads to an assortment of caves and passageways. Once divers reach the its depths, limestone stalactites angle backwards, creating safe passage under large overhangs. Little light reaches these depths and water does not circulate well, creating an abundance of life in shallow waters. Creatures include: angelfish, some sharks (hammerhead, bull and black tip tigers being the most common), cleaning shrimp, groupers, butterflyfish, and an array of coral.

The Blue Hole is a must, even if you are just snorkeling around the perimeter. If you are a diver, but are concerned about your safety or have any questions, ask employees of the local dive shops in the town of Ambergris or the divemasters that will accompany you on the dive. The Blue Hole is an incredibly beautiful experience for those who want to experience a piece of history.

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