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Beware Of The Uber Rich

By Kaitlyn Davis

This is a warning to any normal person traveling to Monaco: it is like a different world!

I know, you don't really understand. What could be so different about it? The truth is everything, I felt like I left France and entered Mars or something. My time in Monaco was short, only a few days, but what I saw was note worthy and will stay with me for a long time.

What did I mostly see? Beautiful women... and ugly men! I never truly understood the term trophy wife meant until I went into the pool area. My sister and I walked through the doors, completely comfortable in tank tops, gym shorts and flip flops, and stopped dead in our tracks. Clearly we had never received the memo that a trip to the pool was truly a social outing to display all of your wealth in one afternoon!

All around us, women were draped in jewels, were wearing five inch heals and designer bathing suits while strutting around the pool area. Most of the men were nothing special, some were even over weight, old and hairy. The women however, were all completely gorgeous, completely done up, and complete fake (if you know what I mean). I nearly dropped my bag along with my jaw at the sight around me.

My sister Whit and I scooted around to a corner spot, fully aware of the looks we were getting about our frumpy outfits. Aside from us and maybe one other person, all I saw were Dolce and Gabbana swim suits, thousand dollar Hermes bags and jewelry that may cost more than my college tuition.

In my New York home, I had seen plenty of wealth and lived it, but nothing compared to these pool side, mannequin sized women. I almost burst out laughing when I realized that most families with children brought their nannies on vacation with them!

After we get back to the hotel room, I soon realized that the pool was not the only sight of complete ridiculousness. As we sat down for dinner that night, I looked over at the table next to us and saw two things that almost made me die with laughter. The first was that the woman had a little stool next to her chair for her hand bag. I had seen this before, but still found it unnecessary. But when I looked to the other side of the table, I really did almost spurt the water in my mouth all over my family. They had made the waiters bring a chair to the table for their...wait for it...Dog! The cute little dog was sitting at the table with the family, and had a plate and bowl of water! It was the most absurd thing I had ever seen!

I decided on the plane flight home that Monaco was, and forever will be, one of the most lavish and ludicrous places I had ever been in my entire life!

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