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Berlin Germany


Berlin is the capital and largest and most populous city in Germany. The city is located on the Spree River? and is a center for power and culture in the world. The cityscape is characterized by beautiful buildings, ranging from baroque to modern style, as well as a high number of parks and gardens. Berlin is well known for its thriving nightlife with a huge maze of clubs and bars to visit.


The history of Berlin traces back to Pre-Unification, the Prussian Empire, rule under Friedrich Der Grosse, Bismarck, Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Weimar Republic, Hitler, joint government by the victorious allied powers of WWII, and a re-unified Germany following the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989. It's a city like no other. Full of history where the past meets the present through a combination of traditional builidings and amazing modern architecture.


Berlin is not only capital city of Germany but also one of the 16 states. The city possesses a number of world-renowned universities, research institutions and museums, and it also hosts popular sporting and music events. The Love Parade, most notable, is the electronic music festival that takes place every june in Berlin. It is one of most famous parties in the world and every year it hosts the best Djs, attracting more than a million people.


A huge city, Berlin has become a melting pot of varying cultures and boasts some of the newest, most inspiring architecture in Europe.

There are a multitude of museums that honour Germany's artistic traditions including the Kultur Forum? at Potsdamer Platz. Berlin is home to the Deutsches Oper? and the Pergamon Museum?, which houses the Ishtar Gate of Babylon?. In fact, Berlin has a unique "island" named "Museums Island" due to the amount of great museums located there.

Some of the easily identifiable landmarks in Berlin are the Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag, The Fersehturm?, The Treptow War Memorial?, Humbolt University?, Unter den Linde, Alexanderplatz?. The Kurfurstendamm? shopping district and Ka-De-We, as well as remains of the Berlin Wall, are also must-sees.



Berlin might be a city full of history and culture, but it is also a city with a vibrant nightlife where everybody will be able to find their type of party and fun. The city's party scene is full of nightclubs, some famous world wide. "Tresor", "Ufo", "WMF", "Berghain" and "Kitkatclub" are just a few examples. Electronic music surrounds such as techno and dance are the lead characters in Berlin's nightlife.


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