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Baton Rouge Louisiana

Known in English as the "Red Stick," Baton Rouge is Louisiana's second largest city and capital. The city is located by the Mississipi River and offers a wide range of attractions for visitors inclusing water and amusement parks, museums and malls.


In 1699, this area was discovered by the French explorer, Sieur d'Iberville, when he was traveling up the Mississippi River. Here, they saw a pole decorated with bloody animal and fish heads. Hence the name 'Red Stick'. This was the boundary marker between the hunting territories of the Bayougoula and the Houma tribes.

In 1763, the Treaty of Paris gave the area east of the Mississippi to the British. The British built barracks called Fort New Richmond here and eventually settlers started moving in. This area was then captured by the Spanish in 1779 and renamed Fort San Carlos.

The rebels overthrew the Spanish government here in 1810 and formed the Republic of West Florida which lasted 74 days. James Madison ordered the seizure of these lands citing terms from the Louisiana Purchase. When Louisiana was admitted as a state in 1812, Baton Rouge served as a military outpost. It was made capital in 1846.

During the Civil War, Baton Rouge was occupied by Union Troops with only one attempt to regain the city by Confederate troops that severely damaged the town.

The city has been built up since then and has been one of the fastest growing cities in the south for technology.


African American Museum
Enchanted Mansion
Republic of West Florida Historical Museum
Shaw Center for the Arts
Old Arsenal Museum?
Global Wildlife Center?



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