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Barranquilla Colombia


"Colombia's Golden Gate", as it is known by nationals, is an industrial city on the north coast. Due to the famous joy of its citizens and the continuous celebration that takes place here, locals have dubbed the city "Curramba, the beautiful" and "La Arenosa" (Sandy City). Famous all over Latin America, The "Carnaval de Barranquilla" is the most representative event in town.


Barranquilla is known as "Colombia's Golden Gate" because it was the country's first port and at one time was considered the city with the highest level of industrialization and modernity. The first airport in South America was built in Barranquilla. While today it is the 4th largest city in Colombia, 60 years ago it was the 2nd largestn and the most modern. However after local administrations miss-managed the city's resources, a decline of the standard of living was unevitable. Barranquilla is currently working to recover part of its past status by promoting investment and tourism.


Climate: Barranquilla has year round tropical weather, which means the climate is very hot and humid. Rainy seasons, April-June of September-November, are difinitely not the best time to travel. Because of poor infrastructure, when it rains some streets flood, producing "arroyos", or streams, which are extremely dangerous.


Carnaval de Barranquilla

Barranquilla is just an hour away from incredible cities like Cartagena and Santa Marta, offering travelers the opportunity to plan one-day trips to other major destininations. Keep in mind that beaches aren't properly inside the city, but 15-20 minutes away.


Caribbean cuisine is present everywhere in town. We highly recommend Narcobollo for a traditional caribbean breakfast or to grab some food right after a night of partying. Mac Mondongo is also a must when it comes to local food (recommended: Arroz trifasico). Due to Arab influence, Barranquilla is full of Arab restaurants like Arabe Gourmet, Medio Oriente, Farahs, and Arana (order a Shawarma). With such restaurants as Zahle, Rodizio, Steak House Chez Ernest, and Mailia Restaurant and Gallery, international food also has a strong presence. The city's fast food is probably the best in the country. One Way, Deliperchuz, and Donde esta Javier are just a few great examples. Whatever place you choose, be sure to try out the following: chuzo desgranado, perro italosuizo, and picada de bollo. But keep in mind: fast food doesn't really exist in Barranquilla. The service is usually slow, so ordering a simple hot dog may take just as long as a plate of pasta and dessert.


Barranquilla is a small city, but it has plenty of options when it comes to nightlife. Going to a liquor store and grabbing a few drinks is a common thing among locals. However, the lounge trend has taken over the city, so places like Mangala and Ambigu are visited pre-party. Barullo, Seven, and Frogg Leggs are the places to go.


This city is recognized for the warmth and kindness of its citizens, or costenos. Having a friend or someone you know there is recommended if possible, although almost everyone would be probably willing up to help. Hotels like El Prado (the most traditional one), Dann Carlton, Puerta del Sol, and Barranquilla Plaza are also options.

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