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Barbados is a beach-lovers paradise. Beautiful stretches of beaches surround the island, but the most popular are those close to the capitol of Bridgetown?. The water is quite clear, so snorkeling and scuba diving are ideal. There are a plethora of resorts, hotels and all-inclusives to fit any family or budget. English is the official language, and the dollar is accepted everywhere, so traveling here for US citizens is very easy. Also, Barbados is famous for their Rum Cake?, so be sure to try some while you're there!


First settled in 1627 by the British Barbados is generally flat but does have a mountainous region in the middle


Climate: Beautiful weather all year round. The things holidays are made of. The temperature is perfect, hot sunny days with cool breezy nights.

Capital: Bridgetown

Currency: Dollar - Currently 1 BBD = 0.5000 USD

Language: English

Power: 115 V, 50 Hz

Time Zone: UTC-4


Foursquare Plantation

Located on 8 acres of the former Foursquare Plantation, a centuries-old molasses and sugar plantation. Some of the buildings on the site were built in the 17th century. The distillery produces the well regarded Foursquare Spiced Rum. Also on the property is a café serving refreshments, a small folk museum with exhibits about early plantation life, and a shopping area displaying Bajan crafts.

Barbados Museum

Located in the former British military prison, the museum opened its doors in 1933. Exhibits detail the island's development from prehistoric to modern times. You will see artifacts dating to 400BC from the Arawak culture. Also on display are slave journals, West Indian maps, cane-harvesting tools, and decorative and fine art

National Heroes Square

This square, renamed in 1999, was originally called Trafalgar Square. Its location marks the center of Bridgetown. A statue of Lord Horatio Nelson predates London's statue of the same man by 27 years. The square is also home to a war memorial and a fountain celebrating the 1865 advent of running water on the island.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Thousands of orchids, hibiscus, ferns, begonias and palms thrive among the jagged rocks, gurgling streams and calm ponds. The flower garden is also a haven for many animals – don't be surprised to catch sight of a lizard, mongoose or monkey! Designed by renowned horticulturalist Iris Bannochie in 1954.

Harrison's Cave

Trams to Barbados' number one tourist attraction fill quickly, so you're encouraged to make advance reservations. Throughout the one-hour tour, visitors remain comfortably seated while motoring through caverns filled with gurgling streams, cascading waterfalls and amazing snow white, pear-shaped stalactites. If you wish to view rock formations first-hand, you're invited to disembark at the Cascade Pool and in the Rotunda Room. A cafe and gift shop are on site.

Ocean Park

There are numerous pools and tanks full of all manner of marine life, from colorful tropical fish, piranhas and seahorses to eels, rays and sharks. Educational talks are offered throughout the day, as well as feeding demonstrations. Kids are sure to enjoy the touch tank, which features safe-to-handle critters such as sea cucumbers, starfish and conch. The park’s other facilities include a pirate-themed mini-golf course and a playground where the younger ones can work off some steam.

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