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It was first inhabited in the Stone Age, and thousands of years later Azerbaijan is now a tourist friendly country. It contains numerous museums, theatres, night clubs, monuments and restaurants. It is located on the western coast of the Caspian Sea near Asia. Azerbaijan's capital city is Baku.

Major cities include:



The people of Azerbaijan have a rich history extending far back into ancient times and civilizations.



Don't drink the tap water unless it has been boiled first. In restaurants, ask for bottled water, and make sure that any ice in the drinks has been made from bottled water. Many varieties of bottled water are available.

Public Restrooms

Restaurant and hotel toilets are the cleanest; you will probably need to carry Kleenex with you when using public restrooms.


If you need to see a doctor, go to the medical services that practice Western medicine only, particularly if you have an extended stay planned. Check with them about vaccinations that may be required in this country, and to see if your current health insurance is valid.


U.S. currency, recent bills, are preferred. Older bills made prior to 1990 will not be exchanged as there has been a recent counterfeiting problem.


Tokens can be purchased from the Telephone Exhange, or you can ask merchants to use their phone (local calls only).


Sport and Survival

In Azerbaijan, try mountain climbing, skiing, cycling, and many other "survival" type trips which cross the desert or mountains.

Sailing and Fishing

Sailing in the Baku Bay and in and around the Absheron Archipelago is a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day. Sailing tours are available, and includes fishing and fish barbecuing on the Caspian shore.


Diving can be done on the Caspian Sea not far from Baku, to a depth of between 10 and 15 meters. Divers receive the necessary equipment and training before the dive.



Hotel Absheron - A beautiful beach front hotel located in the heart of Baku, its only a short walk from the Hotel to the local restaurants and cafes.

Hotel Park Hyatt - This is a luxury 5 Star Hotel located in the city centre, it has all amenities in house and is only a short walk to the major shopping district.

Hotel Crescent Beach - A lovley beach front 4 Star Hotel only a 15 min walk to the city center. This hotel is in a great location for visiting the sights and offers an in house bar and restaurant


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