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Austria is a great place to go to participate in winter athletics such as skiing or see one of the classiest cities of the world at Vienna. You can also do your best Juile Andrews impression, while imitating "The Sound of Music" which is set in Salzburg.

Major cities include:





Settled in prehistoric times, the central European land that is now Austria was overrun in pre-Roman times by various tribes, including the Celts. After the fall of the Roman Empire, of which Austria was part, the area was invaded by Bavarians and Slavic Avars.

Charlemagne conquered the area in 788 and encouraged colonization and Christianity. In 1252, Ottokar, king of Bohemia, gained possession, only to lose the territories to Rudolf of Hapsburg in 1278. Thereafter, until World War I, Austria's history was largely that of its ruling house, the Hapsburgs.

Austria emerged from the Congress of Vienna in 1815 as the continent's dominant power. The Ausgleich of 1867 provided for a dual sovereignty, the empire of Austria and the kingdom of Hungary, under Franz Joseph I, who ruled until his death on Nov. 21, 1916.

The Austrian-Hungarian minority rule of this immensely diverse empire, which included German, Czech, Romanian, Serbian, and many other lands, became increasingly difficult in an age of emerging nationalist movements. When Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo in 1914, World War I, as well as the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, began.


Health: no vaccinations are needed for visiting Austria

Health insurance: medical care is expensive.

Power- 220 V, 50 Hz

Pack carefully: Austrian weather is not the most reliable so make sure to bring clothing that is suitable for all weather types.

Austria follows the metric system.

Currency: Euro

Time zone: 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Medium Time (+1 GMT) Careful: Austria observes Daylight Saving Time from March to October


Haus Der Musik

Liechtenstein Museum

Tirol, Innsbruck



Dorf pizzeria - as the name suggests Pizza is on the menu here

Hotel Bischofsmütze - Roast Pork, Roast beef and a fantastic range of organic foods

Gasthof Krahlehenhof - a wide range of foods including, venison, pork and beef


Hotel Sonnenhof - This is a beautiful 3 Star Hotel located a short distance from Andelsbuch, close enough to walk in fact and it is in the beautiful area of Bregenzerwald

Hotel Adler - This beautiful old Royal Post Officer has been converted into a wonderful Hotel and is of 4 Star quality. This hotel has an in house restaraunt and is set in the heart of Oberstaufen

Altstadthotel Amadeus - This beautiful hotel is located in the heart of Salzburg and is of 3 Star quality. Here you will find your in walking distance and its set ion a very covenient location.


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