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Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean and is right next door to Saint Martin. It is very secluded and also expensive which is why celebrities usually choose this island when visiting the Caribbean. Brad and Jennifer had their famous last vacation on the beaches and other star sightings are likely. Anguilla is absolutely gorgeous, and also has the added bonus of being home to a Swim with Dolphin's program, where you can feel, hug and even kiss live dolphins!

This island has a population of 13 thousand that mostly speak english and its capital is The Valley. This country's currency is the East Caribbean dollar.

Anguilla also has an extensive history with sports a boat racing is the national sport, and regular sailing regattas are held. The island also has its own rugby team, and was home to the famous Omari Banks who played cricket on the West Indies team.


Anguilla has a tropical wheather but tends to be a dry one. Its temperature's average is 27C and a maximun of 30C. The island's vulnerability toward hurricanes is higher from June to November. British influenced english is the official language and boat racing is a national sport.


The island is also recognized for it amazing and ecologically significant coral reefs. Another plus is that the territory includes a number of other smaller island some of which are even uninhabited, i.e.: "Anguillita", "Dog Island", "Sombrero", "Scrub Island", "Prickly Pear Cays", "Seal Island" and "Sombrero".

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