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An Hour In Toys R Us

By Kaitlyn Davis

So, I'm 19 years old, you would think I've had enough of toy stores and Barbie dolls, right? Well, sadly, no. Last Christmas I had one of the best hours ever and I was in...Toys'R'us!

I know, it's a shame for me to admit this, but really, I think you will soon understand what I mean. It was a regular New York winter day...meaning it was ice cold, windy and gray. I was with a friend, waiting for Hairspray to start, but we had an entire hour to spare. New York may be the greatest city on earth, as I truly do believe, but an hour is not enough time to do anything.

There we sat, woe begotten teenagers, bored out of their minds and freezing their little tushies off. Then, like God had shined his light down from the heavens, my friend Dara and I both looked up into the flashing neon Toys'R'Us sign. We shared a glance of pure mischief. Dare we do it, break the cardinal rule and go into a shop for kids? We dared and raced across the street with Taxi honks in our wake.

I opened the door and a warm blast of air struck my face, bringing a smile to my thawing features. Dara and I immediately raced to the escalators and sunk down to the lower level. We bought tickets on the Ferris Wheel and found that our time wouldn't come for another forty five minutes!

What were we supposed to do for that long of a time (and I assure you, for those of us in the internet age, used to instant gratification, forty five minutes was a life time)? We searched, almost in vain, for something to grab our attention. A text message made my phone vibrate, and I reached in my purse, but I completely forgot about my message when I saw my camera reflecting the neon lights of the store. I took it out of my purse, wondering if it was real, and realized we were saved! Two girls, a mega-store and a camera meant fun with a capital F!



"I completely forgot I have my camera, do you know what this means?"

"Facebook pictures?" she asked.

"Yes! Definitely facebook pictures, possibly a whole album!"

We both excitedly glanced around the store, now seeing possibilities everywhere. I ran over to a plastic candy cane about a foot and a half long and picked it up. I pretended to lick the sugary side, and she snapped a picture. I laughed and glanced for more fun things.

"My future husband!" Dara said, and posed with a life-size fireman.

"Give him a kiss!" I snapped a photo while she leaned in pretending to give him a peck on the cheek.

I looked around for another potential picture, and almost screamed when I looked up! I threw my hands up over my eyes, trying to sheild myself, and waited for the big crash...and waited...and waited. That's when I heard Dara laughing hysterically and looked over to see her doubled over and about to fall on the floor!

I looked up, and saw I had a savior in the form of blue tights! My ultimate super hero had saved me from my perilous fate of death and I felt just like Louis Lane in one of the movies. The man of steel...the hero of heroes...the hunk with goergous eyes, rakish brown hair and quite nicely sculpted buns...He had saved me! You guessed it, I have always harbored a crush on Superman. Can you blame me though? First Christopher Reeve, then Dean Cain and now Tom Welling! Who doesn't love Superman? That is the more important question here!

"Oh my God, Kaitlyn. If you could have seen your face, I just about died!"

"I noticed," I laughed and let Dara take a picture of me feigning complete terror.

We spun and Dara pracitcally swooned at the sight of her webbed leading man. I don't know why her heart starts racing to Spiderman, in my eyes Tobey Maguire is a pale comparison, but the heart wants what it wants. I took a picture of her going gaga.

We wandered a little more, taking pictures with a frightening T-Rex, and with our favorite lego pirate...the terminally drunk Captain Jack Sparrow!

Then, we turned a corner, and my heart stopped! Dara bumped into me from behind, and I heard her breath catch also. We stared, hardely believing it was real, as we looked upon the Taj Mahal of doll houses! A two story, pink Barbie house stood before us, practically screaming at our inner five years old, and Dara and I could do nothing but move towards the house in a trance.

Inside, we saw only pink and rows of Barbies. My hands itched to take everyone of them in my hands and run over to the cash register, but my urge ended when I laid eyes upon one single solitary was a Ken doll! My first love! I was his Barbie and he was my Ken! Dara felt the same and we took quite a few pictures with our first imaginary boyfriend who would always hold a special place in each of our hearts.

Regretfully, our time on the Ferris Wheel had arrived and we forced ourselves to leave our dream mansion. We ran towards the Ferris Wheel, pausing in the Disney section - who can resist pictures with our favorite princesses - before stepping into line. Our time slot had arrived, and we stood looking up into the seats, wondering which car would be ours. Cabbage Patch Kids? Barbie Convertible? Tonka Truck?

An employee gestured towards us, and we stepped into the world of monopoly, a game which had caused me lots of trauma in my younger years. We took pictures with the lovable, and quite bald, monopoly man. Then sat as we rode round and round.

The car came to a halt, and I looked at my watch. Incredibly, what seemed like a five minute period had been a full hour. We had reverted back to our childhoods and left the store with wide smiles on our faces that even the blistering Manhattan cold couldn't diminish!

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