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Amsterdam Netherlands


Amsterdam is a city unlike any other in Europe, let alone the world. While not only being the capital of the Netherlands, as well as boasting the National Monument, Amsterdam has become a haven for thrill seekers from around the globe. One major reason for this is the legalization of organized prostitution and the decriminalization of marijuana along with a few other controlled substances that can be found in one of the city's many "coffee shops" in and around the "Red Light District". Recreational drug use aside, Amsterdam's gorgeous canals are one of the major draws for tourism in this unique neck of the world. Spreading throughout the city in concentric rings, Amsterdam's canals add to the sightseeing aspect of the city and make for a pleasant day of wandering aimlessly until you find a point of interest. Be sure to check out the unique "houseboats" as you walk along the canals. Beyond the modern tourism surge in Amsterdam, for hundreds of years the city has been home to painters, poets, and artists of all media. Van Gogh lived here, and the city still maintains a museum in his honor. Other places of note include the Heineken Brewery and the Anne Frank House?, which you should plan on spending a considerable amount of time standing in line should you decide to take the tour..

Debaucherous romps and decadent behavior run abound in this unique and liberal city. The decriminalization of marijuana and government regulated prostitution are major draws for tourism in Amsterdam. But don't think it's all sex, drugs and rock ’n roll here. Lots of museums, the Anne Frank house and serene canals around every corner make for a wonderful day of sightseeing.




Amsterdam Tulip Museum - Who hasnt wanted to see the Tulips of Holland? Here at this wonderful museum learn about how Holland became one of the worlds best growers of the ever popular tulip located on the Prinsengracht near the Anne Frank House, you can make a day of visiting both the museum and Anne Frank's house.

Anne Frank Huis - Visit this amazing little house an see exactly how Anne Frank lived during the war, walk through the room in attic and there are even some of her original furnishings still in tact. In Anne's room there are still remnants of the clippings she decorated her wall with.

Bijbels museum - Have you ever wondered about the origins of the Bible? This museum will show you the origins of the bible, its background and influence on the community

Glazen Huis - You wont believe it till you see it. This house is made of glass.

Museum van Loon - This museum was built in 1672 and is whats known as a double canal house. On the inside you will find it has been decorated around 1750 with rich panelling, stucco, mirrors and fireplaces.

Van Gogh Museum- Features the largest collection of art by the Dutch post-impressionist, including many famous self-portraits.

Artis Zoo


Café Batavia - can be found along the Zaan.

Herberg Hooghoudt - The specialities are Dutch dishes with alternating season dishes and plats du jour you wouldnt believe it but this actually started as a gin bodega

Aeon Plaza Hotel Artemis Amsterdam - A great place to catch up for an informal lunch or have a romantic dinner

Golden Temple - You want atmosphere, great vegetarian food and really friendly people, this is the place to visit in Amsterdam.

The Pancake Bakery - Located just down the street from the Anne Frank house. Serves delicious and unique pancakes that will fill you up for a reasonable price. The Pancake Bakery gives you a taste of genuine Dutch cuisine, since the Dutch invented pancakes in the 17th Century.



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